Game Day



It is strongly recommended that ALL players wear mouthguards for games and training. Although basketball is a non-contact sport, it is possible for players to get knocked in the mouth. Replacing teeth is much more costly than the price of a mouthguard.


Players may play a second game in one weekend if filling in for another CBBC team in a higher division to make a team of six (one reserve). If a player plays more than four games for a higher team, they are unable to return to the lower division and must continue to play in the higher division.

Managers can contact the club for assistance in securing a fill-in and need to notify the club by 10am Friday morning with the name of any player being used as a fill-in.


Requesting a bye/advising of a forfeit

Forfeits should be avoided as much as possible. Teams can play with four players or use fill-ins from a lower grade CB team to avoid a forfeit. No show or late notice forfeits, where not enough time is given to contact the opposing team, will incur a loss of points (U14 & above). Forfeits must be notified through the club at

All teams have byes throughout the season. Specific bye dates may be requested prior to fixtures being published, but cannot be guaranteed.

Requesting a game time change

Managers can request a change in game time in extenuating circumstances, however changes are difficult and may not be accommodated. Change requests must be made at least two weeks in advance via email to

Playing days and times

Times will change each week but generally, are as follows:

  • Mixed U8 Miniball – Tuesday afternoon
  • Girls U10 Miniball & Basketball – Friday afternoon
  • Girls U12 – Saturday afternoon
  • Girls U14 – Friday afternoon/evening
  • Girls U16/U18 – Friday evening
  • Boys U10 Miniball & Basketball – Saturday morning
  • Boys U12/14 – Saturday morning – mid afternoon
  • Boys U16/U18 – Saturday afternoon